Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Excerpt from Sir John's journal: The Dream Interpretation Forum

Some time ago, the Safari made its way to an unusual little forum that we knew simply as "the Dream Interpretation Forum." Sadly, very few records remain of this brief venture, as we were forced to pack up and leave quite well before we had even settled in properly. However, it is with great pleasure that we reveal to you what may well be the only surviving record of this event, courtesy of the esteemed Sir John (pictured below). His account is as follows:

On November 30th, 2008, the Internet Forum Safari traveled to a sleepy little colony in the remote jungles of the Internet wilderness. A camp was set up, the tea put on to brew, and our exploration began. Many interesting discoveries began to trickle back into camp: the locals fascination with the symbolism of the number five (a fascination shared by a few Safari members) as well as their fascination with certain letters. The local culture seemed to revolve almost exclusively around dreams and the interpretation thereof. Some dreamers pleas for interpretation were left unanswered by the native dream shamans and others received lengthy discussion, however, during our study we could not determine the precise reason for this phenomenon.

The most notable discovery was the lethargy that had settled over this village of dreamers. As the safari gained momentum, the lack of contact with the local tribe became a concern. The expedition made countless attempts to engage the local tribe members, diving into the challenge with great enthusiasm only to fail at all attempts to make contact. The expedition's post count, at one point, made the top of the list on the statistics page, and many fine explorers took to the gin bottle upon discovery that this notable event had not been recorded (some claim the gin is the reason for the failure to make a record).

Our first and only contact with a local of this tribe was when the mod awoke from his slumber and without saying a word banned us and deleted all Safari posts...

The Safari's doctors say that, while it is undoubtedly contagious, the Safari members do not seem to have contracted this mysterious "sleeping disease" and it is probably for the best that or trip was cut short and minimal contact made.

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Rev. Ouabache said...

:mittens: I'm sorry that I missed out on that particular safari. We need to get the troops back together soon for another jolly romp through the internet.